Meter attendants ticket car owners dealing with massive Oakland fire

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Imagine getting a parking ticket as you are busy dealing with an emergency.

As firefighters were battling a massive 4-alarm blaze at a building under construction in Uptown Oakland on Friday, meter attendants were ticketing cars in the area.

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Some of the cars belonged to workers who had just arrived but couldn't get to their usual parking spots because of the closed streets and garages.

Kevin Mesa said, "So I come in and see that there is like something going on, some sort of emergency and there is ash everywhere. I run inside and try to see what happened this morning and before I can even get outside to take care of the meter, the meter man is already outside giving me a ticket. You could say I'm pretty upset."

Even a worker who had rushed to YMCA just a block from the fire to help in any way she could got a ticket.

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