Driver survives unharmed after car flips over side of Texas parking garage

AUSTIN, Texas -- A driver in Austin, Texas escaped unharmed Friday from his car after he tried to park it and it ended up dangling over the side of a parking garage.

The vehicle was on the ninth floor when the driver tried to park it around 2:30 p.m.

The driver says he tried stopping his car, but it kept moving slowly and ended up catching on the wire barricade. As the car continued moving, it ended up flipping over the side of the garage, with only the wire holding the car by one of its wheel wells.

Witnesses say the driver was screaming for his life right after it happened.

The driver said wearing his seat belt saved his life. He was able to climb out of the car and someone helped pull him onto the eighth floor of the garage without any injuries.

The fire department used ropes and pulleys to very carefully lower the SUV to the ground.

ABC7 News contributed to this report.
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