Eviction threat rescinded for Richmond's Salute restaurant pending repairs

RICHMOND, Calif. (KGO) -- A landlord who threatened to evict a popular Richmond restaurant has rescinded the notice to vacate, but is demanding the owner make repairs to the building.

The eviction threat to Salute Restaurant came earlier this month because of a sewer leak. Owner Menbere Aklilu said she took corrective steps to get one more chance. This week, the landlord company said it will not pursue the eviction if the repairs are completed.

The landlord of this building says the owner must pay to fix the pipe problem, a few pipes underneath the restaurant broke and that's why the landlord was going to evict the owner.

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Richmond's mayor says he has set up a fund to help cover the cost of the repairs. The mayor thinks the landlord, Richard Poe, was trying to shut down the restaurant out of spite because he lost an election and was trying to close the restaurant to develop more in the area. Poe is disputing that claim.

A rally was held on Monday in support of the restaurant.

The restaurant has been open for 14 years.

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