Friends, family in San Jose honor 19-year-old shot by police

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KGO) -- Dozens of friends paid tribute to a friend and former school mate at Piedmont Hills High School in San Jose. John Deming Jr., 19, was killed by an officer during a break-in and scuffle at a classic car garage in Pleasanton.

Many people wore the number 50, which was Deming's football jersey number.

This was the latest event put together since his parents hired celebrity attorney Mark Geragos to help them push for answers in an officer-involved shooting they say did not have to happen.

Friday night, athletes took the football field to play a scrimmage in Deming's honor and balloons were released to pay tribute to a young man who is now gone.

"His character was just so peace loving and gentle and it's just, it's shocking that it was a violent death,"
Jessica Hubenthal, Deming's friend.

He liked to play the blues and graduated from Piedmont Hills High School a year ago and had been focused on making music.

His parents now want answers. John Deming Sr. said, "I want to know the truth. I want to know why we were told everyone was wearing a body cam, and then the next thing we hear is the officer did not have a body cam."

Deming's mother, Linda Stasi, says she was threatened at her own home when police serviced a search warrant after the shooting. She said, "I was really afraid. I mean, it's not often you go to your gate and you have a gun pointed at you."

Detectives describe a break in at a classic car garage that turned into a violent fight with an officer and ended with Deming getting shot in the stomach and face.

They say the 19-year-old seemed unusually strong and didn't respond to multiple Tazer shots. Toxicology tests for any possible drug use have not been released and the department has declined to comment any further because the district attorney is still investigating.
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