Police launch arson investigation into fires along Iron Horse Trail in Concord

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- Police are investigating after a string of fires popped up along a popular trail in Concord. Investigators think it may be arson.

Fire officials say if you use the Iron Horse Trail, you could play a role in their investigation.

They believe someone has been setting fires along the trail, which runs on both sides of Monument Boulevard.

Officials aren't releasing specifics about the fires because they don't want to jeopardize their investigation, so it's unclear how many, or where they have been set. They do want the public's help.

People who use the Iron Horse Trail along Monument Boulevard have seen fires pop up. Photos show a burning tree along the trail and how close the fire came to a Pleasant Hill apartment complex. Jean Davis took pictures and shared them with ABC7 News. Firefighters think it was set on purpose.

"They evacuated us. I am like, what is going on? I seen the smoke from my apartment I thought, oh God, oh Jesus," said Pleasant Hill resident Tia Mollique.

The fire destroyed a car parked outside homes. It happened near Fair Oaks Elementary School and along the Iron Horse Trail. Firefighters say this is one of dozens of fires recently set there.

"We've had numerous fires over the last several months starting in early summer months until right now, in the heart of fire season," said Contra Costa Fire Department Capt. George Laing.

There's evidence of fires along the trail, which is lined on both sides with homes. Residents are worried about their property, family and students at a nearby school.

"I am more nervous because there might be a day when I won't be here and how am I am going to get to my daughter," Mollique said.

Walkers on the trail want to know when the arsonist usually strikes, so they can avoid the area.

"The fires have been occurring all hours of day and night, every day of the week been happening for some time now," Laing said.

Investigators are asking people to be on high alert. Residents say they are definitely taking precautions.

"Just keeping the phone close knowing that I can call 911, knowing they will respond quickly is very reassuring," said Pleasant Hill resident Lorena Wanyoike.

If you have any information about these fires, call the Contra Costa County Fire Department.
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