Redwood City police seek help finding long-haired arsonist, roof-jumper

REDWOOD CITY, Calif. (KGO) -- Police on the Peninsula need the public's help identifying an arsonist before he strikes again.

A surveillance camera captured the crime.

Redwood City police point out one very distinctive feature of the man who set the fire -- his hair. Neighbors ABC7 News spoke with said they've never seen him around, but they're keeping a close eye out now.

The man is not much more than a silhouette but after he sets the fire and turns his back the flames are seen illuminating his long, dark hair.

The crime was captured by a camera in Rodrigo Madrigal's tree. He was home the night it happened -- May 13, around 9:45 p.m.

"My cat was looking out the window and I got no response from her and she growls at anything that comes by," Madrigal told ABC7 News.

Police believe the same man was jumping on people's roofs later the same night.

Jose Santos is shocked by all of it. "It's a little unnerving when somebody's got that kind of mental state to go and do something like that," he said.

You're asked to call Redwood City police at (650) 780-7100 if you have any information about the fire.
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