San Jose woman catches package thieves stealing from her porch

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A surveillance camera at Heidi Burrows' house on Tulip Road in San Jose shows a woman who walked up to the front door, grabbed a package, and took it back to an SUV waiting at the curb.

Burrow came driving up the street just in time to see it for herself around 5:45 p.m.

She got pictures of the SUV and license plate, all the while screaming at the woman and the man behind the wheel. She then realized the thieves were yelling at each other.

"'Put it back, go run it back there,' cause she sees us," said Burrows, recounting the incident. "The lady in the back seat starts yelling, 'I'm not gonna do that. You figure it out. This was your idea.'"

The couple tossed the package from the window and sped away. Neighbors are upset by the crime, but happy with how things turned out. "It's great she was able to do it without getting hurt," said Dan Allen. "You never know with a thief or criminal what they might do."

San Jose police say video evidence is always helpful, and Burrows' could help solve their cases, if not her own.

"I just hope they learn their lesson and that they don't go around stealing and I also hope that other people who think of stealing boxes, think again," Burrows told ABC7 News.

As the saying goes -- crime doesn't pay.

The package, in this case, was just free packing supplies from Ebay.
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