Swastikas discovered in San Jose State University campus dorms

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Students at San Jose State University are dealing with the aftermath of a hate crime after swastikas were discovered on campus buildings.

This is a university with a recent history of racial tension.

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San Jose State's president is in Southern California attending meetings but she sent a message to the campus community, saying she was both saddened and outraged by the news.

The latest incidents took place in two dorms on campus - Washburn Hall and Campus Village - on floors primarily housing first-year students.

Two swastikas and hateful language were discovered on Tuesday night.

According to ABC7 News' media partner, the San Jose Mercury News, one swastika was written in dry-erase marker in the common area of a Campus Village suite.

As Washburn Hall, name tags were removed from the doors of rooms and used to make another swastika, which was put in a hallway and a room window.

This comes after another incident on campus in 2013. Three former San Jose State students were convicted earlier this year of misdemeanor battery but acquitted of hate crime charges for putting a bike lock around their roommate's neck.

The victim's mom says her son, then a 17-year-old freshman, was called racial slurs by his three white roommates.

University police are investigating this latest incident.
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