Woman tracks down her stolen TV, denied info to go get it

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A San Francisco woman managed to track down her stolen TV, but AT&T denied her more information to go get it.

A San Francisco woman has tried everything to get her possessions back after her apartment was burglarized over the holidays. She has a lot of information, part of it from her own sleuthing, but at every stop there has been an obstacle.

"I'm incredibly frustrated and so I don't know what to do," Kimberly Terca said.

On Christmas Eve, it was a jolly time for all, except for Kimberly Terca. Her apartment was burglarized while she was out of town.

She said the burglar stole her TV, laptops, electronics, jewelry, gifts and other possessions, all totaling $15,000. She was shocked to find out they even stole her toothpaste!

The burglar climbed five floors of scaffolding to come through a door on the roof and break into her apartment. She called police. CSI investigators were able to get a fingerprint off her front door mirror. They were able to match it to a prolific burglar, wanted for other burglaries. But he's still on the loose.

"I feel terrible if someone else is being burglarized right now by the same person," Terca said.

Adding to Terca's frustration, she found that someone was watching her stolen TV set. She has a Netflix app with a saved password.

"All of sudden my TV was back online and it was watching movies on my Netflix account. They were watching 'Hunger Games,'" Terca said.

She captured a screenshot of the IP address to track down where her stolen TV was. She asked her carrier ATT to give her that information. They told her no because of privacy laws.

It was shocking to me. Do I not have the right to go after my own property? It's stolen property that belongs to me.

She said the investigator told her they didn't have the resources to go after the TV. So Terca went to court to try and get a subpoena, forcing AT&T to give up the address. A letter came in the mail on Thursday saying motion denied.

So, Terca knows who the burglar is, but the trouble is he is still on the loose. She also knows that someone in San Francisco is watching her TV set, but she doesn't know where he or she lives?

She's waiting for some good news... but you know that old adage "justice delayed is justice denied."
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