Woman with fake babies arrested on trespassing charges in Merced

Valley hospitals are on high alert after officials say a couple tried to get through security and access a Merced OBGYN unit carrying fake babies.

Thursday, August 21, 2014
Officials: Couple carrying fake babies tried to access Merced OBGYN unit
Officials with Mercy Medical Center in Merced say this couple made two attempts to get into their mother and baby unit.

MERCED, Calif. -- A Merced woman, who is accused to attempting to enter an OBGYN unit in Merced while carrying a fake baby, has been arrested on trespassing charges.

The woman, who identified herself to Action News as Tonya Whitney Boehs, says the whole incident is a misunderstanding.

The couple first tried getting into the OB unit on Saturday. When they failed, they went back to the ER on Monday and tried again. They had a diaper bag, carryall and the wife appeared to be wearing surgical scrubs. Hospital staff says the couple never made it through the OB doors and warned them if they came back again they'd be arrested for trespassing.