No criminal charges for San Francisco Police officers involved in deadly barbershop shoot-out

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The San Francisco District Attorney's office announced Thursday that they would not pursue criminal charges against the SFPD officers involved in the deadly shoot-out inside a an Amazon Crocker barbershop in 2018.

The DA's report said that the evidence suggested SFPD Officers Kevin Endo and Tasawan Casey both acted in self-defense or defense of others when they shot 21-year-old Jehad Eid of Suisun City inside the Amazon Barber Shop.

Video of the entire incident was captured on the officers body-worn cameras.

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It shows the officers entering the shop on the afternoon of March 21, 2018.

The DA's report said that they were responding to an earlier 911 call down the street that involved Mr. Eid. The caller claimed that Eid made a threat with a black handgun and attempted to break into the home, before heading to the Barbershop.

In the video Eid can be seen sitting in the back of the barbershop.

Within seconds of the officers entering the shop Eid pulls out a semi-automatic handgun and fires nine shots at the officers, striking Officer Endo in the leg.

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The report claimed that Eid shot three other bystanders, one of whom was a juvenile.

"The Officers returned fire, striking Mr. Eid numerous times. Mr. Eid continued to reach toward his gun after being shot, but the officers were able to arrest him without firing additional shots," stated the report.

Earlier police reports stated that the officers fired 26 shots and hit Eid 18 times.

A Eid's family filed a civil lawsuit against the SFPD in December 2018 alleging excessive force.

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"The amount of force that was used in this situation was completely disproportionate to any threat or danger that Jehad posed," said Dan Siegel, the Eid family attorney.

The lawsuit did not specify the amount of damages the family is seeking.

"We feel sorry for the cops when they have situations, feel sorry for us too for what happened to our son they took him away from us," said Jehad's father Zian Eid.

Read the full District Attorney's report here.
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