Oakland kids march, learn social justice

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A life lesson is unfolding in the midst of weeks of national protests against police brutality. Parents in the Bay Area tried another tactic on Saturday. They are sharing a message of social justice with the next generation.

Parents wanted to find a way to include their kids in some real life issues regarding social injustice and police brutality. So they took to the streets and made it a teaching moment.

They marched in Oakland's Lakeshore District. These demonstrators are barely old enough to read and write, but wise enough to know the difference between right and wrong. They marched through the Lake Merritt Farmers Market and got lots of attention.

The Colorful Mamas of the 99 Percent organized the march with their kids.

"As a group of parents we were concerned about people being killed by police and backlash happening. As a result, we wanted our kids to be engaged in the discussion," said parent Malika Parker.

Talking about racial injustice isn't easy with little kids, so they called on Dr. Seuss and read from "The Sneetches" book. It teaches tolerance and acceptance between one group with stars on their bellies and another without.

Riana Robinson wants her kids to know, that black lives matter.

"We don't want to make it too big, but at the end of the day, fairness and equality are issues we can talk about," said Robinson.

"It's important to support my little brother. As a little boy of color, he could be the next Trayvon Martin, Oscar Grant or Mike Brown," said Noelle Shaw of Oakland.

Aurora Contreras wants her daughters to be armed with information.

"I want my girls to learn about what's going on in society and know what's going on so they can defend themselves when they're older," said Contreras.

Parents hope this is a lesson for their children's future.
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