5 tips to snap the perfect photo of your pet

ByJustyna Syska Localish logo
Friday, August 20, 2021
5 tips to snap the perfect photo of your pet
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Photographer Dennis Glennon shares 5 tips on how to snap the perfect photo of your pet!

MAHWAH, N. J. -- Wildlife, nature and dog photographer, Dennis Glennon, talks about his photography and shares 5 tips on how to snap the perfect photo of your pet.

"It's cute. You know, I like cute. Cute and dramatic. I like to make people smile so when I see animals doing cute things, I really try to capture that," Glennon said.

1. Think backwards - set up your location, time and lighting first.

2. Good lighting - keep the sun over your shoulder to light up your pet.

3. Bring assistance - you could never have too many helping hands on a photoshoot!

4. Bring treats - you can bribe your pet to do anything for a treat!

5. Use props - place your pet in items they cannot climb out of such as carts, tractors or flower beds.

Pro-tip: if you never show anyone the bad photo, they'll think you're really good!

Glennon also wrote a children's book titled "Buddy's Magic Window" that features his real-life photos and has already won two self-publishing awards.

"Kids and parents and grandparents are loving it. They love it because you don't see too many children's books with real photos. They're real," he said. "My whole premise was, I just want to make people smile. I really didn't care about anything else. I just wrote it from the heart. That's really what I did."

"Buddy's Magic Window" is available on Amazon or www.DennisGlennon.com

Even with countless photos and a children's book, Glennon does not plan on stopping any time soon.

"I'm pretty humble about my photography like this is what I do, I've done it. To me it's a gift and I like to share it," he says. "There's no better feeling, it's fantastic."

For more on Glennon's work, visit his website, follow him on Instagram @dennisglennon or Facebook at Dennis Glennon Photography.