Pittsburg renamed 'Teal Town' in honor of San Jose Sharks

PITTSBURG, Calif. (KGO) -- What's in a letter? A lot if the letter happens to be the letter "H" at the end of Pittsburg.

With the San Jose Sharks in the NHL final against the Pittsburgh Penguins, the East Bay city of Pittsburg is going to extremes to avoid being confused for the enemy.

"We basically renamed our town 'Teal Town'," explained Garret Evans, the City Manager.

So, welcome to Teal Town. The name Pittsburg was just too embarrassing while the San Jose Sharks are playing the Pittsburgh Penguins in the Stanley Cup Finals.

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"We didn't like being associated with the Penguins. We wanted to be associated with the Sharks," said Evans.

A new banner at City Hall makes it known that penguins are not welcome here. City staff has new T-shirts. And even new letterhead, until the series is over, of course.

"Never turning our back on our name but supportive of the Sharks and the Bay Area," said Evans.

The city is trying to get the idea to spread, suggesting that businesses offer Sharktastic pancakes and Teal Town smoothies. Local businesses have joined in on the action. Many have put up Sharks banners and are offering Sharks promotions.

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The owner of the Tredshed Tire Pros is on board.

"I was very excited. The was first thing that popped into my head when I heard we were playing the Penguins because we are associated with the Pittsburg name. I'm glad to be Teal Town," said Kyle Schoenthaler, the owner of Tredshed.

Residents seem okay with changing the city's name, for now.

"I think it is good to support Bay Area and our team so it's good," said Korina Ament, a Teal Town resident.

As for costs, the banners have been donated.

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