BART police handcuff, cite man for eating sandwich on platform

PLEASANT HILL, Calif. (KGO) -- A Concord man is speaking out after he was handcuffed and detained by BART police for eating on the platform at the Pleasant Hill station.

Steve Foster of Concord tells ABC7 News this all happened Monday Nov. 4 at the Pleasant Hill station when he was approached by a BART police officer.

"I was just up there eating my sandwich waiting for the train to come."

Foster says the officer, wearing the name badge McCormick, walked past several other people eating and drinking on the platform and confronted him. His girlfriend caught the interaction on her cellphone.

He was even handcuffed.

"I'm definitely upset, mad, a little frustrated, angry about it," said Foster.

BART says state law prohibits people from eating or drinking in the paid portions of the station. In other words, from the time you enter the turnstiles to the time to exit them at your destination.

BART released a statement on Friday in response.

"He was not arrested. He was cited for eating, which is a violation of state law," said spokeswoman Alicia Trost.

She adds the man was lawfully handcuffed after refusing to provide his name multiple times. Once he provided his name, he was cited and released."

Foster doesn't plan to sue, but he does have some advice.

"I hope they start focusing on stuff that actually matters like people shooting up dope, hopping the BART, people getting stabbed."
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