Pleasanton children donate funds to save beloved bookstore

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Wednesday, March 25, 2015
Pleasanton children donate funds to save beloved bookstore
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The Golden Apple bookstore announced it's closing its doors which has prompted local children to raise money in hopes of keeping it open.

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KGO) -- In Pleasanton, a struggling store is scheduled to close this Saturday. However some local children are taking matters into their own tiny hands by donating their own money to help keep the business open.

The Lee children came to The Golden Apple Learning Center not to shop, but to give their money away.

"We really love The Golden Apple and it's so nice because I had my birthday there," Sophia Lee said.

The Golden Apple Learning Center has been selling toys and learning material in Pleasanton for 36 years, but since word got out that it was closing, owner John MacDougall says money's been trickling in, mostly from kids taking cash right out of their piggy banks.

"I didn't know whether I should buy myself lunch or what I should do with it," MacDougall said. "So I decided let's see if we can gather enough money to open up again."

MacDougall has since launched an online campaign.

The goal is to raise $78,000 which would go toward relocating the store to Downtown Pleasanton.

MacDougall believes The Golden Apple would do much better in an area with more foot traffic and his customers are behind him all the way.

Chloe, who is 3 years old, gave $50.

"It helps them think that the world is much more important than just themselves," Lisa Leong, Chloe's mother, said. "I mean these are values every parent wants their child to have."

So far, MacDougall has raised $5,000. He's got a way to go, but if it all works out, he knows it was all because of the children.

"I will repay them with magic tricks and stories," he said.

If The Golden Apple raises the money it needs, then the plan is to reopen in Downtown Pleasanton on June 1.