President Obama leaves Bay Area after attending fundraising events

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- President Barack Obama wrapped up a whirlwind 24-hour visit to the Bay Area.

The president played a round of gold at the Olympic Club Saturday morning, then checked out of the Intercontinental Hotel and jetted off in Air Force One. This was his second Bay Area visit this year. He attended fundraisers and blasted Republicans for blocking his Supreme Court pick.

Obama ran up the steps of Air Force One and waved goodbye before he flew into the gray sky above SFO, ending a short, but jam-packed visit to the Bay Area. Across the water in Millbrae, Norman Graff took pictures of the departure.

"You know everything shuts down," Graff said. "No planes are in the air and rampshold. And then you see the SUVs come up and he gets in and takes off."

The president flew into San Francisco yesterday with his daughter Malia. Obama attended fundraising events for the Democratic party. First, a private round table at the Potrero Hill home of Susan Sandler and Steve Phillips; later, he went to Nancy Pelosi's signature event at the Getty mansion in Pacific Heights.

A crowd cheered as the motorcade traveled down billionaires' row. Obama waves from his SUV. Tickets to the dinner cost more than $33,000.

Rumors were swirling she was here to scope out Stanford University. The White House won't comment.

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