Government shutdown stories: FruitGuys donates fresh produce to San Francisco Airport's TSA

SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO, Calif. (KGO) -- Dozens of boxes of produce were loaded into a FruitGuys van and delivered to TSA employees at SFO on Wednesday morning.

FruitGuys is a private company based in South San Francisco that frequently provides farm-fresh fruit to groups and organizations in need.

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Founder and CEO of the company, Chris Mittelstaedt, told ABC7 News he wanted federal employees to feel supported.

The boxes to SFO included a fruit and vegetable mix for employees to take home, and larger boxes for the break room.

SFO operates under the screening partnership program. TSA contracts security screening services to private companies, meaning there are not as many employees impacted by the government shutdown in comparison to other airports.

However, officials tell ABC7 News there are about 100 TSA employees at SFO like canine handlers, explosive specialists and managers who are working without pay.

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"When they're not getting paid, the heathy food, that gets cut out first," Tom Nagy, TSA's Assistant Federal Security Director at SFO said. "W e appreciate any donations that we can get, but pizza and donuts only go so far."

Nagy said TSA employees who are not coming in because they cannot afford to work without pay will also receive fruit boxes.

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