Why Bernie Sanders supporters are split on voting for Hillary Clinton

Hillary Clinton will officially accept the presidential nomination on the last night of the Democratic National Convention, but a vocal minority of Bernie Sanders supporters are still undecided in their support of the Democratic nominee.

On Monday, Sanders urged his supporters to support Clinton and vice-presidential nominee Tim Kaine, but his remarks were booed by the crowd. The reasons for Sanders supporters' disapproval for Clinton vary.

Christina Kaleiwahea, a Sanders supporter, was disappointed by Clinton's vice president pick.

Jason Thompson, an Arkansas delegate, questioned Clinton's authenticity by saying, "It's really hard to believe that she is really authentic and really wanting to connect with us."

For some supporters, a fear of Donald Trump becoming president is reason enough to vote for Clinton.

Weston Lindemann, a delegate from Mississippi, said, "Bernie in a lot of our opinions was better, but at the end of the day, Hillary's still a Democrat. She's still better than the Republican alternative."
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