'Don't hide': Oakland residents call on Mayor Sheng Thao to explain FBI raid at her home

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Monday, June 24, 2024
Oakland residents call on mayor to explain FBI raid at her home
Many Oakland residents and advocates are asking: where is Mayor Sheng Thao?

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- Many Oakland residents and advocates are asking: where is Mayor Sheng Thao?

It's been four days since the mayor was seen in public, following an FBI raid on her home and other locations in Oakland Thursday.

Law enforcement sources tell ABC7 News it's part of an alleged public corruption case. A rally and news conference was planned at Oakland City Hall Sunday night. It's organized by community activists who are calling for answers and accountability from the mayor.

"Mayor Sheng Thao, come out, talk directly to the people," said Tuan Ngo from Asians Unite.

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Ngo says Oakland's mayor is MIO -- missing in office.

"We don't know where the mayor is. The mayor needs to be accountable and answer to the people," Ngo said.

His organization is planning a rally Sunday night outside Oakland City Hall, following a raid by federal agents at Mayor Thao's Oakland Hills home and other locations connected to California Waste Solutions. Agents were seen taking boxes of evidence away.

"We want to hear from her. We want her to answer all the questions and have transparency. Not hide behind lawyers," Ngo said.

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"We don't have any information indicating that Mayor Thao is the target of this investigation," said Attorney Tony Brass.

Brass now represents the embattled Mayor Thao. He says she has not been arrested.

ABC7 news returned to Thao's home Sunday. No one answered the door when we knocked. The mayor hasn't been seen in public since the raid on Thursday.

Many residents of Oakland don't know what to think, but they want answers. Their biggest question, where is their mayor?

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Mayor Thao's former chief of staff described an office filled with confusion and chaos - much of it centered around the mayor's partner, Andre Jones, and that finally led her to resign.

"Say something to the city of Oakland, just come out and say this is under control, or anything to let us know you have our back. Say something. Don't hide," said Oakland resident Tricia Hernandez.

"She's got to be open. She's a public figure. She's got to let us voters know too. That's why she's in office," said Larry Sosa.

Ngo says there was silence from the mayor when 15 people were shot at Lake Merritt after a Juneteenth celebration Wednesday. His organization is now calling for Thao to step down.

"We are calling on her to resign, because it's been a series of failures under her administration," Ngo said.

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