Green Bay Packers fans rally at Palo Alto bar before NFC Championship Game against 49ers

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- The Bay Area is Niners Country, but Saturday night, Green Bay Packers fans found a home.

"This is awesome, being around all my people, all the fans!" says Kirstie Miller. She is one of the die-hard Packers fans, with a custom cheese head, and Packers jersey and jewelry.

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She joined dozens of loud Packers fans at The Patio bar in Palo Alto for a rally before Sunday's NFC Conference Championship game against the San Francisco 49ers.

"We are excited! It's going to be a battle. (The Packers) were here earlier in the year when we got destroyed by the Niners. So, we're hoping for a little bit of redemption. Hopefully, learned from our mistakes," says Andrew Matthews, who lives in Sunnyvale but grew up in Madison, Wisconsin.

San Francisco fans may think the mistake is to think that Green Bay can win. But Jonathan Tarin, who lives in Dublin, says don't underestimate Green Bay QB Aaron Rogers.

"Rodgers has been on this stage before. He is ready to really show the world that he is a true legend. So, I am excited to see it!" says Tarin, who will be at the game on Sunday at Levi's Stadium.

Former Green Bay players also made it out for the rally, including Jordy Nelson, who won a Super Bowl in 2010, and legendary James Lofton. The hall of fame wide receiver says he likes Green Bay's chances.

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"I started watching the team in August, and I think they've made great strides," says Lofton.
Green Bay Packers President Mark Murphy was also on hand to give a speech and meet with fans. He expects a good game.

"The 49ers are a great team. Great story, if you think about it. (They were) 4-12 last year. Now, the (NFC) Conference Championship game. We are obviously going to have to play well. We played awful the first time we were out here. But I think our team is ready," says Murphy.

Packers fans definitely think so.

"This is our time to shine. We are going to win tomorrow. And go to the Super Bowl," says Miller, to the roar of cheering fans.

But they will have to do it on 49ers territory.

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