Dramatic video from inside grocery store shows aftermath of 7.1 earthquake

RIDGECREST, Calif. (KGO) -- Dramatic video taken inside an Albertsons grocery store shows the aftermath of the 7.1 earthquake that hit near Ridgecrest on Friday night.

It starts near the cold beverages section and customers are seen clearly stepping over items that have fallen on the floor.

The power went out and you can see the backup lighting has gone on as people make their way toward the front.

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At one point a couple is seen walking by the person taking the video, one of them appears to be injured.

The person is heard asking them if they are okay but you can't hear the response.

The video then goes on a bit of a tour of the store, showing aisles filled with items that have fallen off the shelves.

More video taken after the earthquake shows ceiling tiles that had fallen along with items scattered everywhere.

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