Tour the brand new Salesforce Transit Center in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- What began with an international competition 11 years ago is now the Salesforce Transit Center.

"Miracle, is that the appropriate word," said architect Fred Clarke.

The Grand Hall features a big board for advertisements and bus times. It also pays tribute to local artists.

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One floor up is the bus terminal, with a bus bridge that connects to the Bay Bridge.

"It's a direct in to the station and a direct out," said Mohammed Nuru, Chair of the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

There's a train box below ground but trains are at least another 10 years away.

A public rooftop garden is open to everyone. The architects say they even envision school children coming through for tours and lessons.

"When you go 70 feet above street level and you find a five-and-a-half acre park, your perceptions change. It really is going to change people's understanding of where they live," said Clarke.

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The garden is accessible by gondola. There's also a bus fountain with jets activated as buses pass under sensors on the bus deck.

"The user experience is very important part of that is safety and security and cleanliness," said Dennis Turchon, Senior Construction Manager for the Transbay Joint Powers Authority.

The Transbay Joint Powers Authority says staff will clean the Transit Center between 1 and 5 a.m. Ambassadors will be on hand to answer visitors' questions. Security is being provided by unarmed Allied guards who will work in conjunction with San Francisco Police Officers from Southern Station.

"We can't really tell how many because that's part of our security plan but there's going to be a presence," said Turchon.

There are also many surveillance cameras.

"I think if it becomes a place where people feel like they don't want to come because it's just not a safe place for their kids and their family, then we've missed the mark but I don't think we have," said Project Manager Randy Volenec.

The architects say even these glass elevators were chosen in part so that people could see both in and out of them.

If you want to get in on the celebration, the Transbay Joint Powers Authority has a link on their website.

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