EXCLUSIVE: 2 Asian women attacked, robbed in different neighborhoods; 1 close to SF DA's home

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Thursday, April 22, 2021
EXCLUSIVE: 2 Asian women attacked, robbed; 1 near SF DA's home
Two Asian women in two different neighborhoods are recounting their experience being victims of brazen attacks and robberies. One of them was just blocks away from San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin's home.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Two Asian women in two different neighborhoods are recounting their experience being victims of brazen attacks and robberies. The details of each case illustrate how these crimes can happen anywhere and at any time. Even close to where elected officials like the district attorney live.

A young woman named Lisa recalls the moment a black sedan sped toward her and her boyfriend as they walked through the Portola district earlier in the week. The video shows one of the men in the car grab for Lisa's Louis Vuitton bag.

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"It was two guys coming at me, both with guns," said Lisa who shares how shots were fired and shows a photo of her boyfriend's chest which is red where a bullet grazed him. Despite the chaos, Lisa was able to hang onto her handbag and escape as the men quickly ran back to the sedan and speed away.

"My body almost shut down on me because I was really nervous," Lisa said.

What's frightening is just days earlier there was a similar incident in the Outer Sunset. A 66-year-old Asian woman, who doesn't want to be named, was out for a walk last Thursday morning. Surveillance video from a neighbor shows her walking to the bus stop.

"The car just stop in front of me and I said 'WAH!' and he jump out of the car.," said the woman as she shows off her scabbed-over knee.

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Police documents explain the woman was robbed of cash and her cell phone and knocked to the ground. When asked if she thought she was going to die?

"Yeah. He so scary."

In this case the crime happened just a few blocks from District Attorney Chesa Boudin's home and only a few houses down from the one he previously owned.

Boudin has touted overall crime to be down in the city. Statistics from SFPD show robberies up 40% from January 2020 to 2021 in the Taraval district which includes the Outer Sunset.

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The 66-year old woman's daughter, Stacey, isn't ready to show her face on camera but she is shocked at how crimes can happen anywhere and is frustrated at what has become of her neighborhood.

She commented on the fact the DA lives so close by.

"He should know better, right?"

We asked Boudin because this crime happened so close to his home one of his loved ones could have been targeted what would he want for the perpetrators?

His office responded via email saying in part he "cares about everyone in San Francisco being and feeling safe, whether they live in his own community or any other."

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As for Lisa, she hopes her perpetrators pay for their crimes.

"They need to serve time and be punished for what they did and what they will continue doing. They need to be stopped," said Lisa.