1 runway reopens at SFO as crews continue to make emergency repairs

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Thursday, April 11, 2019
Emergency repairs to SFO runway prompt delays nationwide
Crews at SFO are making emergency repairs to a 12-inch area of a runway, an airport spokesperson said. The repairs have triggered flight delays nationwide.

SAN FRANCISCO INTERNATIONAL AIRPORT (KGO) -- There are delays and cancellations at SFO this morning because of a pothole on the runway.

One of the closed runways, 1-R, has reopened but crews are still working to patch up 28-L.

"Our airfield safety officers were doing a routine inspection of our runways and noticed about a 12-inch depression on runway 28 left. This is the type of thing where, if a plane went over it, you would feel a bit of a thump. Out of an abundance of caution, we closed the runway," said spokesperson Doug Yakel.

Passengers say having your flight canceled is one thing. But when they found out why their flights were canceled, they say that was the real surprise.

Crews at San Francisco International Airport are making emergency repairs to a 12-inch area of a runway, an airport spokesperson said.

"A little concerning and once you get here and see all the workers it's like, what's going on," said Ashley Thomas, who said her flight to Phoenix was canceled.

"We heard there is a big pothole in one of the runways and so we are just wondering, is someone checking the runways all this time?" asked Jeannette Gonzalez whose flight to Southern California was canceled.

Delays were about 30 minutes to an hour long in the morning but were expected to increase as the impact spread. Some flights were canceled.

"It'll cause delays like we see on a bad weather day," said Yakel.

Crews could be seen on the runway pouring asphalt into the hole. They then have to wait for it to cure. They estimate that they can reopen the runway by mid-afternoon.

This runway was already scheduled for improvements this Fall. The plan is to add a concrete layer beneath the surface, which officials say could help prevent this from happening in the future.

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Alaska Airlines has two planned flight diversions scheduled today so far. This is typical for Alaska when SFO goes into any traffic management program, an airport spokesperson said.