Two arrested after allegedly robbing, shooting tourist in San Francisco

ByWayne Freedman and Lilian Kim KGO logo
Tuesday, August 25, 2015
Two arrested after allegedly robbing, shooting tourist in SF
A San Francisco tourist is in the hospital and in fair condition and the two men accused of attacking him were arrested this afternoon.

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- A San Francisco tourist was taken to the hospital in fair condition and the two men accused of attacking him were arrested Tuesday afternoon.[br /][br /]The incident started with a robbery and shooting on Lombard Street and ended in Oakland after a police chase through three cities.[br /][br /]Around noon, the victim was walking from Columbus Avenue in North Beach up to Lombard Street, to the group's tour bus. That's when two men approached him in a car and grabbed his camera, police said.[br /][br /]The man, a tourist visiting from Thailand, tried to get his equipment back and chased the robber. That's when he was shot in the shoulder.[br /][br /]The area where the shooting happened is a well-traveled tourist walking path. News of the shooting left several tourists in shock. Police say tourists are not an increasing target in the city.[br /][br /]"Obviously, there are robberies that occur in the city. Tourists are a target, but there's no uptick," said San Francisco police Officer Carlos Manfredi.[br /][br /]"It looks like they got their camera stolen and that is all we have been doing today is taking photos. Being so scared about the shootings after talking to someone earlier, and it's actually happened. We are leaving tomorrow. Thank God," said Nicole Zeil, an Australian tourist.[br /][br /]After suspects fled the scene, San Francisco police went looking for them and spotted the suspect's red car before it drove onto the Bay Bridge.[br /][br /]A high-speed chase ensued across the Bay Bridge through Emeryville and into Oakland. The chase ended when the car crashed in front of a house on the 1000 block of 60th Street in Oakland.[br /][br /]Police arrested one suspect immediately. The second suspect took off in front of Jaina Moultrie who had been in her yard with her 6-year-old son. The suspect allegedly grabbed her son's arm.[br /][br /]"He was being chased by the police. He drove his car up 60th and then drove it into the pole and then jumped out," Moultrie said. "There were apparently two guys and then this comes down and jumps the fence."[br /][br /]The little boy Kwan is alright, according to his Moultrie, though she says he seemed to be a little shaken as the afternoon wore on.[br /][br /]Neighbors watched the manhunt unfurl, which lasted almost three hours. Police formed a perimeter three blocks in every direction and told residents to lock their doors.[br /][br /]The search involved officers from the San Francisco, Oakland and Emeryville police departments as well as the CHP. Authorities went door-to-door before a police dog sniffed the suspect out of a backyard and bit him. The suspect has non-threatening injuries.[br /][br /]The Thai Consulate in Los Angeles confirmed the 30-year-old victim was in San Francisco on business, but decided to take a day of to see the sights.[br /][br /]Late Tuesday night, members of the Thai Air Force left San Francisco General Hospital where their fellow airmen and friend was being treated.[br /][br /]The victim was later released from the hospital and is going to be OK. He returned to Vacaville where and his Air Force friends have been training at Travis Air Force Base.[br /][br /][twitter ID="636282835419054080" /]][br /][twitter ID="636293527433973760" /][br /][Ads /][br /][twitter ID="636268693928841216" /][br /][twitter ID="636277308421083136" /][br /][twitter ID="636285582734299136" /][br /][twitter ID="636267775850246144" /][br /][twitter ID="636266045255192576" /][br /][twitter ID="636264617547726849" /][br /][twitter ID="636265063179907072" /][br /][twitter ID="636265303882633216" /][br /][twitter ID="636265776119308288" /]