San Jose State to increase security after string of sexual assaults

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- There are new details in a string of sexual assaults at San Jose State. Police arrested a student who they say touched another student.

That doesn't mean the case is closed.

Even San Jose State's president says these cases have caused anxiety in the community. But the good news is that university police have arrested the suspect seen in a surveillance video from Monday.

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Investigators say he followed a female victim into the student union building and sexually battered her. Police believe he may have committed more sexual batteries that were not reported.

Campus police say they've been notified of six cases of sexual battery since October 17. Investigators believe a single suspect may be associated with at least two of the cases.

People on campus are being extra careful. "I'll be more alert when I go up the stairs and I also carry around pepper spray," student Holly Hancock said.

"I always wait for a friend to come walk with me to the car," student Kim Pham said.

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San Jose State's president says 24 additional security cameras will be installed and six new police officers will be hired, as well as additional lighting put up around campus.

There have already been six more cases of sexual battery reported this year compared to last year.
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