Angel Island seeks to attract campers with tech

ANGEL ISLAND STATE PARK, Calif. (KGO) -- Camping out in one of California' gorgeous state park is about to get a big upgrade. Angel Island is getting ready to build some deluxe accommodations to attract campers who don't really want to rough it.

You can call it deluxe accommodations or maybe you can call it "glamping." The California Department of Parks just calls it a new option for Angel Island which is trying to attract more visitors to the beautiful place. And millennials seems to be the target audience.

When you get off the ferry to Angel Island, you'll see one part of the Bay Area that remains untouched, a hidden gem which many locals and tourists have never seen. "Not everybody knows what we are and who we are. We'd like to change that," says Angel Island Park Superintendent Amy Brees, who recently took ABC7 News to the site of the island's first new construction since World War II.

More than a dozen modern "cabins" will be built on a piece of land near the historic immigration station. "There's quite a few folks for whom camping is a barrier. That could include not having the equipment, being intimidated about the experience," Brees said.

The cabins are large enough to sleep 4 to 8 people. They'll have no stove or running water, but they will have technology. "There will be a USB port to plug in your device and be able to connect to everybody with your social media," Brees said.

The cabin project is targeting millennials who want the camping experience without roughing it. Some of the people who visit every month say it's not a bad idea. "We shouldn't be tearing it down and building condos or something, but sure let's make it usable for as many as we can," one man said.

"My wife and I love to go glamping anyway, so we''ll use the facilities," another man said.

One San Francisco millennial that spoke with ABC7 News thinks it's a great idea, but just not for her. "I think when you come out here, it's harder to appreciate everything you have around you when you're inside of this decked out place," Rachel Rivera says.

The cabins will be built sometime in 2017 and reservations will be required. The price for this "glamping" trip is still being worked out.
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