'Fear Dr.' listens to people's concerns along Market Street in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Would you tell a complete stranger about your fears and concerns? What worries you most? Many people have been doing just that in San Francisco this week.

Every day this week Hunter Franks has been setting up shop on Market Street. On this busy and unpredictable stretch, he's dubbed himself as the "Fear Doctor" and he's listening to people's concerns.

"I fear the upcoming elections, it's because of the divisiveness of our two candidates," one man said.

And on his typewriter, Franks bangs out a prescription. He belongs to a group called the League of Creative Interventionists.

"To give people a chance to provide some introspective, feelings because there aren't many places to do that in the world and there's not many spaces for us to do that in public," Franks said.

Dan Parham's fear is being unable to afford to stay in the city he loves. "He gave me one cup of nourishment. One cup of self-nourishment, yeah," Parham said.

This for Diana Ciuca's fear of failure. "I think it's really important when you don't have a sense of community in the city to have people who are strangers you can connect with too."

Franks chose the location because of its diversity. It has locals, tourists, homeless, and high tech workers.

"My fear is martial law," one man said.

The fear of racial tensions and unrest is something Franks heard more than once this week. "It will take work to make the change we want to see. Voices like yours are the way to bring that change," Franks said.

"That was a good prescription," one man said.

The doctor is in again tomorrow on 6th and Market streets.

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