Oakland moms refuse to leave vacant house, sheriffs say they will enforce eviction

OAKLAND, Calif (KGO) -- A group of homeless mothers occupying a vacant Oakland house isn't budging, even after a judge ordered them to leave in court on Friday.

"I mean they're just trying to prove a point at this point," said Shanna Silva, who thinks her neighbors, who are currently squatting in the West Oakland house, are actually making a good point.

"I think these ladies are really just trying to bring a broader scope of the housing crisis here in Oakland."

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On November 18th, Dominique Walker moved into a vacant house on Magnolia Street with her children, and other women from advocacy group, Moms4Housing.

"I don't agree with this breaking into somebody's property," said Silva, who added, "I believe they should be able to stay."

Southern California investment firm, Wedgewood, disagrees. The real estate group bought the house last summer with plans to flip the property and only learned about their uninvited guests when the story hit the news.

Then on Friday, an Alameda County judge ruled that the women had five business days to vacate the house.

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In tweets, Moms4Housing said they were not surprised by the ruling, but would not leave the property.

And outside the house on Friday, Walker held a press conference, saying, "This is what we're up against. A corporation that would put mothers and their children on the streets thinking that is the moral and right thing to do."

On Sunday, ABC7 News reporter Kate Larsen spoke to Sgt. Ray Kelly with the Alameda County Sheriff's Office, who said they will be enforcing the eviction order. But Sgt. Kelly says he is very concerned about the safety of the children in the house and his deputies, who he fears will be met with resistance or a large protest this week.

In a statement Sgt. Kelly said, "The Sheriff's Office will be enforcing the eviction order as mandated by the court. We have reached out to Moms 4 Housing to provide resources and come to a non-confrontational resolution. They have declined our offers. We will continue to try and hope they vacate the home as ordered by the court."

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"We'd much prefer if they left peacefully and voluntarily," said Sam Singer, a spokesperson for Wedgewood properties. Through Catholic Charities, Wedgewood has offered to pay for housing for tthe women and their children for two months.

"The women stole this house, it's time for them to leave. Wedgwood has made an offer so that they can have shelter so that they can have their belongings moved for free," said Singer.

On Twitter, Moms4Housing called the offer "an insult" over the weekend. Nobody at the house wanted to comment on Sunday. But on Instagram, Moms4Housing gave no indication of moving out... instead of inviting more people to show up this week to support them at the house.
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