Soon-to-be bride forced to evacuate Texas home plans wedding in Santa Rosa

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- A soon-to-be bride was forced to evacuate from her Texas home. She is now with her parents in Santa Rosa, leaving behind her finance, and all her wedding accessories, but says that no matter what, the wedding will take place next month.

"I would take an earthquake over this any day," evacuee Kimmy Bisagno said.

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Bisagno was preparing for her upcoming wedding when she barely escaped being hit by Hurricane Harvey.

Kimmy had just five minutes to evacuate. She packed some clothes, took her dogs, of course, and left everything else behind including her wedding accessories.

She left her fiancé Steve Maccaferri behind and drove from Padre Island to Austin.

Like so many other people, she thought she thought she'd be back in a day or two.

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"Just watching the weather channel all night and then hearing what Steve had to go on duty and the things he was doing, that's when I thought, 'oh this is actually a big deal,'" Bisagno said.

Her fiancé is a coast guard rescue swimmer. He saved an elderly woman from her flooded home.

Once Kimmy realized she wouldn't be able to return for a while, she headed west to her parents' home in Santa Rosa.

"I told her fiancé, I promised her that you would be ok and I don't break my promises to my kids and you better come home safe," Kimmy's mother Cheryl Bisagno said.

Kimmy says her wedding dress has yet to be altered, but it will have to wait.

"I feel super guilty right now because people are losing everything they have. There are houses that aren't there anymore," Bisagno said.

The family is glued to the TV, while hoping that her fiancé will eventually get relieved from his duties.

The Santa Rosa wedding is still scheduled for September 22.

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