Spectacular and harrowing air assault on fire visible from Hwy 29

NAPA, Calif. (KGO) -- Along Highway 29 near the Oakville grade, there is a dramatic Air assault visible from all along the highway causing traffic jams throughout parts of the day.

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Here in the heart of Napa Valley, six helicopters simultaneously zipped back and forth between reservoirs and the burning ridge line dumping water all day long .

The Staglin family watched it all from the veranda of their home at staglin family vineyard. They said the presence of the Helicopters made them happy. They call them angels of the sky.

Their home, the winery, and the tasting room are nestled into the hills of West Napa Valley just below the Fireline. They are being vigilant and have hired their own private fire crews to protect their home and their 70 acre property.

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Shari Staglin said they had three water trucks spraying the perimeter of the property and a bulldozer that made a fire break above the winery.

She said, "We had people staying here all week but I don't think people feel safe to stay here anymore."

They say the fire is creeping closer. So they have also hired a lookout or scout and stationed them down on Highway 29 to give them visual updates because on the hillside itself it's hard to see the smoke or gauge how the fire is advancing. They moved out all their furniture and artwork. They are not ordered to evacuate yet but they are ready.

Most of these wineries and vineyards in Oakville are not in imminent danger yet. Some tasting rooms are closed while others are open. There are few tasters but plenty of onlookers. Things are secure for now but a shift in the wind could change the story.

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