Meet Falcon McFalconface: The Athletics' new bird abatement kite!

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- When a surge of seagulls led to a foul time for Oakland Athletics fans, a new winged hero stepped up to the plate.

"Earlier in the season, I actually got pooped on by a bird," A's infielder Adam Rosales said. "But I've heard that's good luck, though."

Thus "Falcon McFalconface" came into being. He's a bird abatement kite that receive its name via an online fan vote, and the A's say it's working.

"We're just trying this out, but I have to tell you after the first couple day games, we've gone from over 100 birds to like eight birds during the game," A's vice president of stadium operations David Rinetti said. "It's pretty incredible."

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Meet Falcon McFalconface -- the Oakland Athletics' new bird abatement kite.

After a dramatic drop in seagulls, the A's added a second kite named "Scott Hattebird" and they tell me they plan to add more.

"I'm proud of Falcon McFalconface. He's already reproducing, creating other ones. That bird is amazing," said A's fan Will MacNeil.

The kites are particularly effective when fans are in the stadium, but the seagulls try to re-claim their turf once the crowds disperse.

"My experience is they know exactly when it's feeding time," A's manager Bob Melvin said.

Only time will tell how long the kites remain an effective seagull deterrent. For now, fans can see McFalconface and Hattebird enjoying a birds-eye view of the Oakland Coliseum at every home game.

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