Super Bowl LVIII: 49ers fans from Las Vegas to Bay Area react to team's devastating loss

Monday, February 12, 2024
49ers fans from Las Vegas to Bay Area react to Super Bowl loss
San Francisco 49ers fans were out in force for Sunday's Super Bowl matchup against the Kansas City Chiefs. Here are their reactions.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco 49ers from all over the Bay Area and Las Vegas are reacting after the team's devastating Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs Sunday. Here are some of their responses.


At Allegiant Stadium in Las Vegas, a 49ers fan with their painted face could seen staring off. Heartbroken after the 49ers loss to the Chiefs in the Super Bowl.

"I've been to three super bowls in my life - New Orleans, Miami, and here and we lost every one. Devastated, so devastated. I'm from the Bay Area, Danville devastated," said 49ers fan Sandy Mann.

The mood, a somber one among Niners fans.

"There's no words," said one woman.

VIDEO: 'I failed': 49ers QB Purdy speaks after Super Bowl loss to Chiefs

San Francisco 49ers quarterback Brock Purdy speaks after a devastating loss to the Kansas City Chiefs at the NFL Super Bowl LVIII in Las Vegas.

Faithful still backing their team after the loss.

"Overall, I'm proud of them. They played real well," said 49ers fan Greg Shore.

"At the end of the day, being here is a blessing and the team fought through a lot of adversity here," said another fan.

"I'm bummed but very proud of the team, very proud of where the franchise is, and what we're doing. The future is very bright," said Niners fan Demetrick Caballero.

Some though, not holding back when it comes to pointing the finger.

"Shanahan gets tight in tight games. Didn't run the ball in the third quarter at all. No first downs - one of the reason why we lost," said a 49ers fan.

As upset as some were, every 49ers fan we spoke with backed quarterback Brock Purdy.

"We're hoping for a different outcome but again for Brock Purdy to be here with where he is at in his career - we think is phenomenal. Enjoyable game all the way to the end!"


After a nail-biter of a game that left San Francisco 49ers fans heartbroken Sunday night, the city seems to be taking the team's Super Bowl loss to the Kansas City Chiefs relatively calmly, according to police.

The 49ers lost to the Chiefs 25-22 after the game went into overtime, despite the 49ers being ahead for a majority of the game.

San Francisco police have responded to scattered fights postgame, but there have been no reports of any large-scale melees, vandalism or other shenanigans, according to Officer Robert Rueca.

"Nothing major at this time," he emailed Sunday night.

Streets in the Mission District were closed in anticipation of any possible postgame celebrations and the California Highway Patrol and Caltrans closed freeway off-ramps on U.S. Highway 101 and Interstate Highway 280 due to "an anticipated increase traffic and pedestrian congestion during the National Football League (NFL) game," Caltrans said.


It was a sellout Super Bowl watch party inside Sushi Confidential off San Pedro Square.

From touchdowns, field goals and fumbles, Niner fans were locked into what was a roller coaster of game.

Mountain View resident Nidia Abrego stood up the entire game.

"They deserved this. They worked hard, and we're still faithful. We love them. They fought until the end! So we're not losers we're still winners and we stand with them and we love them," Abrego said.

A muffed punt in the 3rd quarter shifted momentum.

Gilroy Marco Epigmenio said both teams played great.

"What can you do? They both played amazingly. They both capitalized on each other's mistakes. We came a little short but that doesn't mean that the Faithful should be sad today. Everyone should have their heads up and completely be proud of our team, because we did amazingly," Epigmenio said.

Bay City News contributed to this report.

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