Couple renews vows with 49ers-themed ceremony in Las Vegas

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Monday, February 12, 2024
Couple renews vows with 49ers-themed ceremony in Las Vegas
One couple decided that as diehard 49ers fans, the day before the Super Bowl was the perfect time to renew their vows in Las Vegas: Faithful-style.

LAS VEGAS (KGO) -- Celebrations came in all forms as 49ers fans eagerly awaited Super Bowl Sunday.

One couple decided that as diehard fans, the Saturday prior to the game was the perfect time to renew their vows.

Bride, Nicole Crockrom, marched straight to the groom, Kevin Crockrom, with the 49ers new anthem "Do it For the Bay" playing.

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Flanked by cardboard cutouts of Brock Purdy and Nick Bosa, the couple are ready for the officiant dressed as a referee to help them renew their vows, promising to love one another "through championship years and those that we don't make the playoffs."

Once the vows were renewed, the couple celebrated with family and friends.

The Crockrom's love for the 49ers runs deep.

"I'm born and raised here (in Vegas) with my father, he's from Oakland but he wasn't a Raiders fan. He was a Niners fan," Kevin said, "So I grew up a Niner fan my whole life and then when I met this young lady right here, she didn't have a team at all."

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They've been married since 2022 and knew that now was the time to re-solidify their love for one another: 49ers style!

"This is the best time to do it, the first ever Super Bowl here," Kevin said, "We're going down in history with this, you know, can't nobody take this claim from us? This is us."

Painstaking details were put into the wedding gazebo at the Flamingo Hotel and Casino, the team there making all of it happen with just days notice.

Thankfully they had a head start!

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"We did have another team member here that was a huge 49ers fan, so she had a bunch of stuff that she helped bring in so that we could set everything up and have it perfect for them," said Miranda Martin, the spa and wedding services manager at the Flamingo.

Officiant Wanda Tracey is no stranger to thousands of unique Vegas wedding requests that have sometimes had to be declined.

"Someone wanted me to be a topless Elvis for the wedding," Tracey said with a laugh.

This assignment that she did accept will likely be one of her most memorable as it's the first with a 49ers theme she can think of.

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While it will take some time for any official numbers to come in, the Clark County Clerk says there may likely be many more similar ceremonies happening Super Bowl weekend.

"We would expect a rush right before the Super Bowl," County Clerk Lynn Goya said.

For now, the Crockroms are riding high from their dream ceremony, one that may not be their last!

"If we win, we made it happen" Kevin said, "So every other go now, we've got to figure out how to get married again, I'm telling you we started something!"

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