49ers fans take over Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas on eve of Super Bowl

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Sunday, February 11, 2024
49ers fans take over Las Vegas Hard Rock on eve of Super Bowl
49ers fans in Las Vegas took to the tailgate on the Saturday before the Super Bowl at the Hard Rock Cafe.

LAS VEGAS (KGO) -- 49ers fans took to the tailgate on the Saturday before the Super Bowl.

The line of 49er Faithful outside of the Hard Rock Cafe in Las Vegas went on, and on, and on. It appeared to be at least a football field in length.

"No other fans in the world is like the Niners fans, because we do it big, and we are faithful, and we go all over the place," said 49ers fan Cheryl Duncan of Atlanta.

Heck, even the Chair Guy showed up to Saturday's 49ers tailgate party.

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"Did you come all the way from San Francisco driving this?" we asked.

"No, I wish," said 49ers fan Albert Vann.

Some of the fans here will go to the Super Bowl. Most though, are here for the comraderie, among fellow Faithful and a Super Bowl viewing party.

"We're going to go to Eye Candy. It's at Mandalay Bay, and we're thinking that's as close as you can probably get to Allegiant. So when we win, we can run out the doors be on the streets and start screaming 'Niners!'" said Margie Carrington of Redwood City.

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And while some of these parties may be the cheaper option to the actual Super Bowl, I don't know if you can consider them cheap.

"Some of the cheaper ones are like 99 bucks and some of the other ones are up to 2,000, 3,000 bucks," Carrington said.

But to these fans, being in Vegas on this Super Bowl weekend is a must. I mean, at this party, a certain famous quarterback made an appearance.

"Joe Montana, dude! Hello!" said Sandy Parker of Texas.

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"I just love Joe Montana, but I'm standing here, hopefully waiting, and I'm going to cry if I don't meet him. The goal is Joe Montana? Yes, baby! Yes," said Betsy Olbrych of Texas.

It is one of the reasons they came dressed in just about anything you can imagine -- all to show off just how Faithful they are.

"We came all the way from San Jose. We left around 1 in the morning," said Zeus and Matthew Nava.

"You drove?" we asked.

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"Yeah. I'm a little tired, but it's alright, all this adrenaline with everybody," Zeus said.

"Will you be drinking iced tea or will you be downing shots?" we asked one party-goer.

"Ya know, iced tea with maybe a little something extra. We kind of pre-partied before we came!" said Merve Lapus.

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