We found 49ers fans arriving in Las Vegas from Kansas City. Here's what they had to say

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Thursday, February 8, 2024
We found 49ers fans arriving in Las Vegas from Kansas City
The ABC7 News crew found 49ers fans arriving in Las Vegas from Kansas City, Texas and more.

LAS VEGAS (KGO) -- As we inch closer and closer to Super Bowl 58, more and more 49ers fans are arriving in Las Vegas.

Many are just there for the party, but they're coming from all over.

"I'm from Kansas City, Missouri, and I'm going for the 49ers," said Donnel Woods who continued saying, "Been a 49er fan since 1980 and hope we get number six!"

Donnel and his wife Michelle say they are part of the Kansas City Faithful, who will not be going for the Chiefs and will be all San Francisco.

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"They are just like 'What about Patrick Mahomes,' but we have a group of San Francisco people there, so it's fun," Michelle said.

"Do they call you names in Kansas City because you love the great team?" we asked.

"Right, right, right, and they beat us last time, so we gotta get some payback. Round two baby," Donnel said.

Wednesday on Fremont Street, or Old Vegas, had the typical interesting performers. But just look up, and you see this. Incredible images of the San Francisco 49ers and Kansas City Chiefs on the Viva Vision Canopy, which is the world's largest high-definition video screen. The Texas 49ers fans were all about it.

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"They have 49ers fans in Texas?" we asked Edward Tolliver.

"Oh yeah. Plenty, man. You know, since COVID, all of California is moving to Texas," he said.

Well, not everybody, but we understand. The Faithful are everywhere.

In Las Vegas though, it's not just 49ers and Chiefs fans. Take it away, Alexis Beetem.

"Who's going to win?" we asked.

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"Taylor Swift!" Beetem. She continued, "Because she brings everybody to football now all women love football because of Taylor Swift. Only Taylor Swift, all the way! Taylor Swift is better than everything!"

Yes, the Swifties are in the house as well. I know, I know, back to football.

And one last hard-hitting question to the Garcia family sipping on their Vegas drinks, and dreaming about a 49ers Super Bowl win.

"Is there a point where if you have enough beer you'll give in and get tickets?" we asked Wayne and Geraldine Garcia.

"I don't think, I would not do that. No, I don't think so. We're living on a retirement plan now," said the couple as they had a good laugh.

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