Here's a look inside Las Vegas bar made up of ice, giving Super Bowl fans a 'cool' experience

Get a tour inside Minus5 Ice Bar in Las Vegas where is nearly everything is made of ice

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Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Las Vegas bar made of ice gives Super Bowl fans a 'cool' experience
ABC7 News' Zach Fuentes gives you a tour inside Minus5 Ice Bar in Las Vegas where is nearly everything is made of ice ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.

LAS VEGAS (KGO) -- It's an experience like no other, a bar where nearly everything is made of ice!

Minus 5 Ice Bar at Mandalay Bay draws crowds of people for a "cool" experience.

Guests are lent a faux fur coat and given gloves before entering into the literally breathtaking room.

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Blake Nightingale, General Manager, gave a ABC7 a tour of the bar and explains that everything seen is real.

"This is about 15 degrees, right now we're in, we keep it nice and cold."

"Obviously the whole place is made of ice except the floor and ceiling," Nightingale said. "Right now, we're getting ready for the big game with some final touch ups."

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Those final touch ups include incredible ice sculptures made by artist, Austin Greenleaf.

The sculptures that included a giant football, football helmet and football player.

Greenleaf was brave enough to teach me to use the heavy machinery to help him sculpt that football!

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But the beautiful sculpting work isn't the only big day specialty served up at Minu 5.

There's also Super Bowl-themed "We have the 'prop bet'," explained bartender Jaline Leyva. "So just like in the big game, you make the prop bet where you get to decide what's the mystery Gatorade color that's gonna be poured on the winning coach, if you guess the color correctly, you win one of our prizes."

The cup is also made out of ice.

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After the ice, guests comes fire at the cozy 1923 Prohibition Bar just next door to Minus5.

The speakeasy is accessible by a secret door hidden in a bookshelf.

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Nightingale says both bars are more than ready to welcome Bay Area visitors.

"Come here, check out the game with us," Nightingale said, "And go Niners!"

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