49ers fans from across US arrive in Las Vegas with team spirit, flare and cheers

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Saturday, February 10, 2024
49ers fans from across the country arrive in Las Vegas
San Francisco 49ers fans from across the country arrived in Las Vegas Friday ahead of Super Bowl Sunday.

LAS VEGAS (KGO) -- One of the busiest places in Las Vegas on Friday was Harry Reid International Airport.

Football fans from around the country were arriving to cheer on their teams.

Some shared cell phone video from their flight, showing a Delta attendant dancing in the aisle and cheering for the San Francisco 49ers. Those fans say the whole flight was chanting.

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"They were drinking and screaming the whole way 'Go Niners!'" said Gabriel Gwinn of San Francisco.

"The plane was decked out with Niner fans. All Niner gear. We're ready to go represent the Bay," said David Meng of Palo Alto.

"All Niners fans cheering, even the stewardess were cheering with Niners gear on. It was awesome," said Jerry Newbeck of San Francisco.

Just two days away from the Super Bowl and Faithful were arriving in town from just about anywhere.

We asked several passersby.

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"Coming from Long Beach, New York!"

"Five hour flight from Tampa, Florida."

"We came from Ontario!"

"From San Francisco."

"I got here today, and I'm from San Francisco!"

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They came with fresh cuts too. Ten-year-old Riyahn Kaul says the pilot of the plane even led a cheer.

"Everybody started chanting when the pilot said 'Go Niners,'" Kaul said.

But not all the flights have been like that.

"It was 50/50 on the flight so a little banter back and forth," said Robert Perez.

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"We had Niners and Chiefs fans on the plane and no fight or anything broke out," said Marvin Burns of Tennessee.

"There was more KC fans!" said Anette Feldman.

"Oh no, so, you had to deal with Chiefs chants?" we asked.

"I had to deal with that, but it's okay. I can handle it," replied Feldman.

But some reminded us that the Super Bowl isn't just about football. It's about your 49ers style.

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SF native Lorena Peril sees the Super Bowl coming to her current city as a full-circle moment in her incredible journey to the Las Vegas stage.

"My Fendi gold bag, nails, just a little swish," said Afshan Lakha.

And a little swash, showing the Brock N' Roll and Bang Bang Purdy Gang flare was at the best Vegas parties.

"I'm looking forward to all the parties," Lakha said.

"Drinking before and after definitely," said Sonny Sachdev, who flew in from San Francisco. "Every time someone said 'Bang Bang.' someone said 'Niner Gang.'"

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