Bay Area transportation officials considering cutting cash lanes at state-owned bridges

Cash lanes at Bay Area Bridges could be a thing of the past. The Bay Area Toll Authority Oversight Committee is considering making the seven state-owned bridges either All-Electronic Tolling or Open Road Tolling.

All-Electronic Tolling is like the Golden Gate Bridge. No toll collectors, but you still have the booths. Open Road Tolling would take away the booths like the Benicia Bridge.

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A study by the Jacobs Engineering Group showed the Open Road Tolling would cost more upfront but save about $5 million annually once it's implemented.

Officials say both options would result in more efficient tolling, increased safety, decreased delays and lower vehicle emissions.

The negatives according to the study, would be trying to re-train toll collectors and finding new positions for them. It would also require upfront costs up to $55 million dollars and hiring more customer service representatives.

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If approved, estimated time for implementation would be Spring of 2021 or Summer of 2022 depending on the system.

The Bay Area Toll Authority Oversight Committee meeting starts at 9:30 a.m.

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