Report: Bay Area freeway congestion hits new record

It's no surprise to anyone that congestion is a major issue in the Bay Area, now there are new numbers to back that up.

The Bay Area has reached another record high for congestion on the roads; in fact, it's an 80 percent increase since 2010.

This all comes from a new report. The average driver is spending an average of 3 minutes and 30 seconds more in traffic than they did last year. The Metropolitan Transportation Commission unveiled the top worst commutes, most happen in the afternoon.

"It is absolutely directly related to the economy and to the jobs/housing imbalance that we have in the region, that our two biggest job centers are San Francisco and Silicon Valley," said John Goodwin, Metropolitan Transportation Commission.

Number one is the I-280 interchange in San Francisco to Yerba Buena Island. Number two is I-80 from Hercules to San Francisco, that's the only one in the top ten congested in both the morning and afternoon commutes.

And number three on Hwy 101 from Mountain View to San Jose. The good news with all this traffic? You most likely have a job to go to.

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