Surveillance video shows speeding car before hitting two children in Ohio

Ohio -- A new effort to crack down on drivers speeding past school buses. New surveillance video shows a car hitting two children as they got off their bus in Ohio.

ABC News reporter Kenneth Moton has the details.

"No! No! No!," the bus driver yelled.

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It's the video every parent, and every driver needs to see. A red car racing by a Willowick, Ohio school bus is doing something that is not legal in all 50 states - ignoring the warning lights of a stopped bus.

The bus driver said "Emergency! emergency! I've had two kids just get hit by a car."

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Thankfully, those two little boys are out of the hospital, but still shaken by the experience.

"Just been thru a lot. Never knew this day would come," Mason said, who was one of the children hit by the car.

In Minnesota, another close call. According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, the greatest risk to a child is not the school bus ride itself, it's the moment a child approaches and the moment a child leaves the bus.

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