SF gears up to give out more parking citations. SFMTA calls it 'intense operations'

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Thursday, April 18, 2024
SFMTA to give out more parking citations with 'intense operations'
Parking enforcement officers all across San Francisco could soon be ticketing more after SFMTA says they will begin increased operations.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Parking enforcement officers all across San Francisco could soon be ticketing more. This is coming after the city's MTA director said they will begin more operations.

"Our parking control officers are going to be doing some intense operations in each supervisorial district around the city," said Jeffrey Tumlin, SFMTA Director.

Tumlin announced the city's parking enforcement officers will "finally" be able to start enforcing all the parking rules after being short-staffed following the pandemic. Some San Franciscans say they didn't notice a change.

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"I was parking in a commercial space with a noncommercial vehicle I was going to risk it for 5-10 minutes, but I got pinched," said James Walsh who recently got a parking ticket in San Francisco.

ABC7's data team analyzed San Francisco parking citation data and found that in 2023, the majority of violations listed were for street cleaning. Over 500,000 tickets were issued for this.

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"I feel like people are constantly getting tickets anyways so for me it would probably feel the same since I do get tickets every now and then," said Alan Quijano, San Francisco resident.

SFMTA said their focus will be public safety.

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"The safety-oriented rules like parking on the sidewalk, blocking fire hydrants, blocking the crosswalk, parking too close to the corner. So we are now in ongoing conversations with each of the members of the board of supervisors to make sure that we're able to get the word out to community that this is happening, because in many San Francisco neighborhoods, said Tumlin.

The transportation agency's plan comes after Mayor London Breed announced the city's street safety plan a decade after vision zero policy began.

Supervisor Mandelman is hopeful this enforcement will help public safety.

"I have been frustrated for many years about cars blocking bike lanes parking in the streets in ways that are dangerous for pedestrians and cyclists and I have been agitating while trying to get more enforcement on streets like Valencia," said Supervisor Mandelman.

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Sustainable Transportation advocate Luke Bornheimer is glad this enforcement is coming.

"We know that people who park on sidewalks or in bike lanes or in crosswalks or really close to intersections reduce safety for all people but especially for children and seniors and people with disability who walk, bike or use mobility devices to get around," said Bornheimer.

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SFMTA anticipates a $12.7 million deficit during the Fiscal year 24-25 and FY 25-26 budget cycle. A deficit that makes some San Franciscans question the latest enforcement announcement.

"Well, the whole city is trying to get more money because of the deficit. The budget deficit," said Walsh.

SFMTA said they are planning to increase their enforcement at the end of April.