Bay Area airport passengers react to American Airlines' plan to book flights to capacity beginning July 1

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Passengers at Bay Area airports are reacting to American Airlines' plans to open seats to full capacity beginning July 1.

"During this time, my grandmother got sick. (And) being alone during the pandemic has been tough," says Joey Hasson. He is boarding an American Airlines flight at SFO as he moves back to Boston from San Francisco.

His best option is to fly. He wants to get home before American Airlines opens up seating on July 1.

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Hasson understands the need to fill seats, but thinks airlines would better serve passengers if those rules are applied based on location, and have to fewer passengers out of high-risk zones.

"I'd be concerned if flying out of California, Arizona, Florida or Texas, just giving the fact that those are high-risk zones," says Hasson.

Since the outbreak of COVID-19, many airlines have capped the number of passengers and seats on each flight. But as more people get back to traveling, customers may notice that flights are booked to capacity. American Airlines will be one of the airlines to do so.

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In an email to ABC7 News, American Airlines says it will continue to, "notify customers and allow them to move to more open flights when available, all without incurring any cost."

The emails goes to say it applies to flights through September 30.

In addition, the airline adds, that it has stepped up the intensity and their methods for cleaning their aircraft, terminals and lounges.

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Nagesh Pathwada, is returning home from India after being stuck there for more than three months due to COVID-19. He and his family are headed to Dallas on American Airlines, after a quick stop in the Bay Area.

He appreciates that American Airlines is providing passengers with options, but he still thinks there needs to be more space on flights.

"There is no social distancing. People are touching. People can cough. It's like a theater," says Pathwada.

He says he would be willing to pay more to have an empty seat next to him.

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