Happy 2016! Watch the world ring in the new year

People watch fireworks exploding over Copacabana beach during New Year celebrations in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, Thursday, Jan. 1, 2015. (AP Photo/Felipe Dana)

Watch live coverage of New Year's celebrations from around the world from ABC News:

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Tentative Schedule (subject to change):
5:55 a.m. ET: New Zealand
7:55 a.m. ET: Australia
9:55 a.m. ET: Japan
10:10 a.m. ET South Korea (TAPE)
10:30 a.m. ET North Korea
10:55 a.m. ET: Hong Kong
11:10 a.m. ET: Taiwan (TAPE)
2:55 p.m. ET: Dubai
3:45 p.m. ET: Russia
4:55 p.m. ET: Egypt
5:20 p.m. ET: Ukraine (TAPE)
5:40 p.m. ET: Turkey
5:50 p.m. ET: Germany
6:55 p.m. ET: United Kingdom
7:20 p.m. ET (appx.): Edinburgh (TAPE)
8:45 p.m. ET: Brazil
11:50 p.m. ET: New York
12:45 a.m. ET (Next Day): Mexico

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Additional raw fireworks footage can be seen here:

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