UC Berkeley welcomes Class of 2023

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- UC Berkeley welcomed the class of 2023 and transfer students to campus on Tuesday.

"(It's a) warm welcome," Kai Koerfer, a new freshman said. "A lot of academics, a lot of nerdy stuff goes on, but at the end of the day we're all family here."

Koerfer is from Parkland, Florida and just met his new friend Mohammed Mustafa yesterday. They'll both be studying computer science. Mustafa is from Oakland.

"Me and him, we're actually in the African American theme program," Koerfer said. "So it really just helps welcome us as black students because there's 1.9% of us over here."

"I'm going to miss my parents," Austin Patel, a new freshman said. "But I'm looking forward to everything that comes with college."

Patel's parents have been through the move-in process before, but Punita Chauhan just has her son TJ. She's having a tough time letting go.

"I don't have any other kids, he's my only son," Punita Chauhan said.

"I'm looking forward to learning chemical engineering," TJ Chauhan said.

We know students are serious about their academics, but some told ABC7 News that they're looking forward to new experiences away from home.

"It's also like a lot of freedom because I get to be away from family," Mustafa said.

"Exactly, it'll be awesome," Sonali Naphade said.
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