Vallejo couple offers up 'backyard oasis' for pool parties, gatherings despite California's COVID-19 guidelines

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Saturday, August 8, 2020
Vallejo couple offers up backyard for parties despite COVID-19
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Each guest will have their temperature take and must wear a mask.

VALLEJO, Calif. (KGO) -- Given Eric and Susana Beckwith's large family and group of friends, their home in the Hiddenbrooke Village, set on a golf course in Vallejo, is perfect for their lifestyle.

"This is a party house, an entertainer house. We have personality that would invite people over, everybody loves coming here, she's a great cook. I'm a DJ and we have a pool and voila!" said Eric, sitting on a picnic table near the pool which features a rock waterfall and attached hot tub.

This is exactly why these medical professionals who own a home care agency want to share their backyard oasis with others during the pandemic who otherwise might not have a place to go.

"It seems sad that only us are enjoying this!" Susana said.

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So on NextDoor, she made a post offering their pool and yard for parties of 30 people or less, leveraging family chefs to cater and their own expertise to exercise safety measures.

"At the door we do temperature checks everybody has to be screened, wear a mask. All surfaces are sanitized," Eric said who wears his scrubs and holds on to a facemark in one hand.

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Solano County health officials tell ABC7 News they don't regulate residential pools. Their focus is on education and enforcing rules at public establishments. They continued their message via email staying state health directives prohibit all kinds of gatherings.

Gov. Gavin Newsom echoed this at a recent press briefing.

"When you bring people outside your immediate household over extended family members, you are connecting loved ones and mixing in a way that can increase the likelihood and spread of the virus," he said.

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In Southern California, more than 200 people showed up to a mansion party, not social distancing or wearing masks. Police couldn't enforce safety guidelines because, again, it happened at a private pool. The state's health secretary doubled down on the governor's message, in response saying all large gatherings should be avoided.

Despite this, the Beckwiths say because people are already gathering in large groups elsewhere, such as parks, they're just offering a safer alternative with proper sanitation and applied health measures. This is something Susana feels comfortable with, even as someone with a heart condition and is at high risk.

"We've had a lot of people come in, a lot of kids and no reports of COVID, so we must be doing something right," smiled Susana who is referring to their family gatherings.

They haven't received any bookings for their backyard yet but those who are interested can email them at

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