Back-to-back 90 degree heat coming to Bay Area today, tomorrow

SAN FRANCISCO -- The 90s are back in the Bay Area! It may spring but Tuesday and Wednesday will feel more like summer.

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"Get ready for two straight days of possible 90-degree temperatures," said ABC7 News Meteorologist Mike Nicco.

The Bay Area could surge into the 90s on Tuesday for first time in 2019.

"High temperatures will be 12 to 17 warmer than average today," said Nicco.

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Nicco's Accuweather forecast shows the East Bay and the North Bay could be among the hottest spots.

"Livermore could come in at 90, Napa could set a record at 88, San Jose 87, Redwood City 85, San Francisco and Oakland could reach 70 today," said Nicco.

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Other cities that are getting ready for possible record breaking heat include Santa Rosa 90, Mountain View 86, Hayward 84, Concord 89 and Richmond 82.

It has been more than 200 days since the Bay Area experienced 90-degree heat.

"Livermore, Santa Rosa, Concord, San Jose and Napa have not reached 90 since September 2018," said Nicco.

It's been even longer in San Francisco.

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"You may remember the 102 degree heat in San Francisco in 2017," said Nicco. "It has been nearly 600 days since it got that hot in the city."