Don't go chasing waterfalls? ABC7 News did and look what we found in the North Bay

MARIN COUNTY, Calif. (KGO) -- In the North Bay, so much runoff from our recent rains has created some spectacular sights. Waterfalls are becoming big attractions around Mt. Tamalpais.

The sound of rushing water is everywhere in the lush, emerald green hills below Mt. Tam.

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Creeks and streams are babbling with runoff from recent storms, but it's nothing compared to bigger attractions created by H2O.

Many are checking out Cascade Falls. The waterfall near Fairfax is putting on quite a show -- a spectacular sight.

"It's amazing! How special for us to enjoy this, the energy of the water is incredible," said one tourist.

James Fair and his son, Ethan, came to see the falls up close.

"It's super awesome, super big. A few months ago, it was super tiny," said Ethan Fair from Fairfax.

"It's fantastic, I love seeing Mother Nature kicking butt and taking names," said parent James Fair.

Other waterfalls on Mt. Tam are creating similar spectacles.

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The Marin Municipal Water District website says its reservoirs have now reached 94% of capacity.

It tweeted pictures of Alpine Lake spilling over the top.

Who says, "Don't go chasing waterfalls" anyway?
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