Tree falls on back half of car in Mill Valley, narrowly missing passengers inside

MILL VALLEY, Calif. (KGO) -- A mighty winter storm left its mark across the Bay Area, especially in the North Bay where flooding and downed trees caused a lot of anxiety.

Crews in Mill Valley were cutting up a huge downed tree which fell during the storm, crushing the rear of a car and narrowly missing the people inside. Nobody was hurt. It happened right across the street from Marin Horizon school.

"I think it's bad for people who were inside, at least they didn't get hit by the tree," said one unidentified student.

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Also in Mill Valley, the storm was powerful enough to topple a 125-foot-tall redwood tree off Molino Ave., splitting a power pole in two. It cut power to about 60 homes.

"Due to the saturated soil and strong winds the tree came down into the power lines," said Mill Valley Fire Dept. Battalion Chief Scott Barnes.

A downed tree crushed a parked car in on Roland Way Novato. Luckily, nobody was inside.

Heavy rain caused many streets to flood quickly, driving through the water was risky.

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There was a mad dash with push brooms to keep rising floodwaters out of the 2 a.m. Club on Miller Ave in Mill Valley.

"When the drain gets clogged, all bets are off, it's going to flood," an employee there said.

But the club didn't flood, a storm drain was unclogged and flood water receded.

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